Looking for ways to make your marriage a success? Today five suggestions from a marriage counselor.

Debra Fileta is a Professional Counselor, national speaker, and author and she offers five priorities for making marriage a success.


  • First, Connect Spiritually. One of the most beautiful aspects of marriage comes with the opportunity to emotionally and spiritually connect with another human being.Oftentimes, believing couples tend to take their spiritual connection for granted, forgetting that some of the most intimate moments in marriage are when we’re sharing our hearts, communicating what’s in our spirit, and interacting about our relationship with God.


  • Next, Communicate Regularly. Believe it or not, the average married couple spends just minutes a day in active and meaningful communication. It’s also a known fact that communication dwindles with each year of marriage. The goal of communication is to enjoy and encourage one another.


  • Then, Touch Often. Take inventory of your marriage, and find times (or even schedule times if you have to!) where you can be deliberate about intimacy. Physical touch conveys to your spouse that: I notice you, I desire you, and I want to be near you.


  • Fourth, Confess and Forgive Frequently. The practice of letting down our pride in the act of confession opens the door for the opportunity to forgive, which is the sacred glue that holds marriages together.


  • And finally “Get Away” Weekly. Invest in your marriage by taking one time a week and setting aside the time to go out (or stay in if you can’t afford a weekly sitter) and do something fun!

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