An Indiana school just got schooled on the topic of religious liberty.  And the winner is a Bible club.

A federal district court has sided with the Christian student ministry Child Evangelism Fellowship in issuing a preliminary injunction against Pike Township Schools in the Indianapolis public school system.  The school has a policy that discriminates against religious clubs and groups by requiring them to pay fees to the school for use of facilities that the school does not charge other school clubs that are not religious.

The case involves Pike Township Elementary School Good News Clubs, which is a free program CEF offers to interested students. Horatio Mihet, Vice President of Legal Affairs for Liberty Counsel presented oral arguments before the court pointing out the unconstitutionality of this policy in regard to equal access rulings.  Last week, Judge William T. Lawrence granted Liberty Counsel’s request for a preliminary injunction against the school policy.   The action was needed because the school had ignored CEF’s repeated attempts to resolve the conflict.

Child Evangelism Fellowship has been providing spiritual teaching and moral instruction to students worldwide since 1937.

Liberty Counsel successfully pointed to a ruling of the US Supreme Court in 2001, which they said gives clear direction on school facility use when it comes to equal access to all viewpoints.

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