The secret to a great life begins with reliance on God. That advice comes from a man who’s been around for 104 years.

These days 104 year Roger Williams is still energetic as the father of 9 looks back on his accomplished life. He’s entering the new year with an extra buzz. After celebrating his recent birthday in Alabama with friends and family. Williams says life is good because “the Lord has taken care of me all these years. I appreciated life from the first day I was born. I’ve had a lot of help along the way.”


Williams has served as a US army medic at the end of World War II and a ten-year stint in a Chicago steel mill and farmer on more than 100 acres. He retired in 1977 after working as a custodian at Auburn University for 17 years.

Williams says he has learned many life lessons in his 100 plus years. He said “it don’t cost no one nothing more to be nice in life than to be mean. I tell young folks, you don’t have to have everything you want. You can make out with what you’ve got. Life is funny sometimes. Time tells you what life is like. Some years you’re going to be poor. Some days you’re going to be up. If  you’ll be nice it will follow you.”

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