Google says it has disabled all responses to questions about religious figures after coming under fire this week for not programming its smart audio technology, Google Home, to answer questions about Jesus Christ.

While Google’s home assistant device wasn’t able to give answers to any questions about Jesus or God, it had been programmed to provide information about Buddha, Muhammad, and Satan, which angered many of its customers.

After being accused of having an “agenda” and bias against Jesus and Christianity, Google released a statement on Twitter saying it was temporarily disabling all responses to questions about religious figures.


Television producer, author, and speaker David Sams, who helped bring international attention to Google’s perceived bias against Christianity, posted a Facebook Live video showing Google Home’s updated responses to various religious figures.

Google Home responded to each of the religious names Sams asked about with, “Religion can be complicated and I’m still learning,”

Sams celebrated Google’s response as a “victory” because he believes Jesus has now been given equal treatment to other religious figures. “It’s better to be on par than you don’t know who Jesus is,” he said.

Last year, Amazon’s Alexa was also under fire for reportedly responding to the question “who is Jesus Christ” by replying that He “is a fictional character.”


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