Looking for some activities to keep your kids off a screen for while? We have some suggestions.

Parents.com has several suggestions for swapping TV, tablets, and smartphones for activities for kids.

For those stuck INDOORS…

Encourage Engineers

Host a build-a-thon with your creative materials of choice. Some natural pairings: pretzel sticks and mini-marshmallows, gumdrops and toothpicks, old boxes and duct tape, or straws and molding clay. Or, go large-scale and use every last pillow and blanket in the house to encourage them to build the greatest pillow fort of all time.

Play Balloon Games


Search “balloon games” for ideas for any number of players. There’s always good old fashion Keep It Up, where two players hit the balloon back and forth as long as they can without letting it drop.

Throw a Stationary Party

Buy an inexpensive pack of blank white cards. Decorate with crayons, stamps, stickers, or watercolor paint, then tuck away to have on hand for birthdays and thank-yous later. Or scribble down notes to loved ones, then address, stamp and mail them off for a happy mailbox surprise.

And if you can get OUTSIDE…

Try (Safe) Science Experiments

The really messy ones are perfect for outside. The Bubble Snake, for example, can be done by cutting the bottom off a water bottle, covering the cut end with an old washcloth or sock, and securing with a rubber band. Dip the fabric-covered end into soapy water and blow into the bottle. For colorful snakes, add food coloring to the sock tip.

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