Today, an open letter to teenagers facing challenges in life and where they should turn in those times.

Dawson Cooper wrote an open letter to teenagers on the website, Rooted.

He writes,

I hope this isn’t too blunt or really, perhaps, too obvious: Life hurts.

But surely you know this by now? Have you been excluded from a dinner with friends, only to see it posted later on Instagram? Have you not made a team for which you worked hard to make? Have you had a parent disappoint you? Has an illness affected you or your family? Have you struggled under the pressure to perform at school and to uphold your reputation?


When I think of what I want you to know, I want you to know that Jesus is in it all. He is with you in all of it. There isn’t a place that the Lord your God cannot reach, does not know and does not desire to redeem.

When it hurts, it’s hard to imagine a God who is really in the hard places of life. But this isn’t about the “why.” This is about the “who.” Whether or not we understand why life is hard, understanding the Who can bring more comfort than any kind platitude from a friend.

The God who created the universe, strung the stars across the sky, told the oceans to stop at the shore, formed your parts in the womb, who went so far to save His people that He gave His only Son for you, who sent His Holy Spirit to be within you, that God—He is in it all.

He concludes, Where has God been faithful to you in the past? Where has he cared for you? Put that in front of your eyes, and remember it.

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