If you’re looking for new job in 2018 and have a knack for finding the best deals and discounts in stores — we may have found your new calling.

Ryan Grant, a 28-year-old former accountant from Minneapolis, Minnesota, spends a few hours every week combing through the clearance aisles at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and other popular retail stores. Using the Amazon Seller app on his phone, he was able to figure out on the spot which items he could buy on sale and then resell online at a higher price. His simple side-hustle quickly turned into a profitable business, and now he wants to help others launch their own operations.


Under his company, Grant Enterprises LLC, the entrepreneur resells popular toys, household items, athletic gear, and anything else he can scoop up on sale and sell through Amazon. And thanks to his savvy shopping skills, his small business—which employs an 11-person team and has a warehouse office space—now generates $200,000 in sales every month.

Soon after starting his resale endeavor several years ago, Ryan began making money. He told Good Morning America, “I was able to get that to about $1,000 a month in profit working about 10 hours a week,” While you do have to consider the cost of an Amazon seller account, fees, and shipping expenses, it’s ultimately pretty easy for anyone to pull this off.

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