What makes a great husband?  A few thoughts today from Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk

J.T. Waresak, writing an article for Family Talk, identifies several traits that define greatness in a man’s life.

These are traits that he’s read about in biographies and has also witnessed first-hand in the lives of many great men of the past and present:

1. He has a relentless passion to serve God and others.  This passion drives his life purpose.  


2. Where others see the impossible, he sees the possible given that God is leading his efforts.  He is a man that keeps God’s greater glory in front of him.

3. Regardless of where he is, what he’s doing or who is with him, he is the same man.

4. He leads by example.  His actions align with his words.

5. He is a lover of justice.  He seeks to protect and uphold those that are unable to defend themselves. For Example, he practices real religion in caring for the orphans and widows of our times as instructed in James 1:27.

6. He knows that real love means commitment at any cost, especially as it relates to his wife and marriage.

7. His wife and kids know that he will go to battle for them.

8. He’s a friend to men, a mentor to boys and helps set the standard for his daughters.

9. He spends regular time in God’s Word and is a man of prayer.  This translates into a life of little worry and much action knowing that God holds the results in His hands.

10. He understands that fear and failure must be overcome with faith and determination.

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