An op-ed piece on Fox looks at the iconic writings of Oswald Chambers and asks, what would he have to say to us today.

Scottish preacher, Oswald Chambers knew nothing of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  His world differed dramatically from ours.

So what could Chambers possibly say to us today about social media where religious, political, and lifestyle opinions are regularly posted to highlight our differences and often lead to anger and angst?

Paul Kent, the writer of the oped, suggests that Chambers’ approach to belief and the way we express our belief is a helpful example to the divided, noisy, uptight world in which we live.


Chambers’ personal style is just one aspect of his powerful legacy. A book of his daily meditations, “My Utmost for His Highest,” has sold more than 13 million copies worldwide since 1927. It remains one of the most popular Christian devotionals even today.

Chambers was unapologetically Christian, The Bible, Chambers believed, “instructs us in righteousness … its meaning is to keep us living right.” But, while he held his spiritual beliefs strongly, he did not try to force them on people who might disagree.

And that may be Oswald Chambers’ greatest lesson for us today: it is possible to hold strong personal beliefs and yet to treat others with kindness and respect. We can be both committed to our philosophy and courteous with those with whom we disagree.

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