China startled Christians by tightening its “choke-hold” on churches this month banning Christian education for children and unregistered church worship.

In southern China, police visited members of unregistered churches at their homes to warn them not to attend worship services. Officers also summoned a large number of them for questioning, according to a report from China Aid.

One source, who asked to remain anonymous told the agency, “The police called me again today and ordered me to stay away from church gatherings, which irritated me.” Authorities also ordered the Christian to write a letter guaranteeing not to attend church services.


The source also said government officials took pictures of two church buildings, claiming to be inspecting the fire systems.

In another Province on the eastern coast, children were specifically prohibited from attending church services, with local officials ordering churches to cancel all activities involving teenagers. Elementary and middle school staff members told parents not to allow them to attend Sunday worship services or other church events.

A Christian identified only as Li told China Aid. “Many teachers sent messages to their colleagues in group chats in order to prevent children from attending religious gatherings and Many Sunday schools were shut down,”

Similar bans occurred earlier this year, as China began enforcing laws forbidding adults to teach religion to Chinese children and prohibited teenagers from attending church services, church-related summer camps or Sunday schools. The government assigned personnel to monitor the churches and their activities.

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