In the wake of two devastating hurricanes to hit the US, many are wondering if they are prepared for disaster.  Today some suggestions for creating a crisis checklist.

The list comes from Crown Financial Ministries.

First, contact your family, friends, and church. Give them a quick update on your location, condition, and well-being and how they can stay in contact with you. Social media can be helpful if you have access. Some may be willing and able to help you during this time. Seek their prayers. Be honest about your needs and the financial implications.


Contact FEMA and your insurance agency. You can find up-to-date resources and information at the FEMA website. Often, claims need to be filed for financial assistance when private insurance coverage is not applicable.

Notify your primary insurer(s) and ask to learn more about your coverage. In extreme cases, you will want to ask about coverage for your auto, home, general liability and even life insurance policies. Find out what assistance is available if any, and inform them of your circumstance. Be sure to take pictures of the damage you or your property has sustained during the disaster.

Make a crisis budget. When a crisis hits it’s time to reset your budget for the immediate short-term to focus on the essentials while you regroup. This budget is based on the same biblical principles as your normal budget, but with key adjustments since your income may be temporarily interrupted. You need to pray, remain calm and focus on the basic necessities. Remember, God is the owner and provider of all things.

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