Are you playing with the thought on sleeping in on Sunday morning, rather than going to church.  Today we’ll give you some reasons to reject that temptation.

Michelle Lazurek, writing for I, gives several reasons why you should attend worship every week.

First, So You Can Enjoy Community.

There is a reason why Scripture refers to members of churches and “brothers and sisters.” Church is not just a place to go to on Sundays, but rather a gathering of people who have committed to walking their spiritual journeys interdependently.

So You Can Use Your Gifts

God has gifted each one of us not only with natural talents, like singing or playing an instrument, but also with spiritual gifts, that when used, build up the church body in unique ways.


So You Can Discover Your Purpose

As members of your church get to know you, they can speak words of encouragement and affirmation into your life. They can help navigate through the muddy waters we call life. Seeking wise counsel is one of the many benefits of being a part of a church, and something that is difficult to find outside family members and close friends.

So You Can Worship

Worship can happen any time of the day and any day of the week. But there is nothing like getting together in a room full of other worshippers and singing your heart out to God with others who share that same desire. Your life is enriched when you worship with others and you can’t do that sitting at home by yourself.

And So You Can Learn the Word

When you go to church you get the opportunity to hear the Word preached in ways that help you understand it better and in unique ways you may not have seen studying on your own.

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