Are there times when you wonder if God hears your prayers? Take heart….a lot happens when you take the time to pray.

Every time you pray, God is listening. Beliefnet recently pointed out seven things that happen when you pray….and each of them is an encouragement. Here they are…

Time slows down. When life is moving too fast, spend some time in prayer. The reflection will always help!

You grow closer to Christ. Prayer is your direct link to God. Talking to Him brings you closer to Him, making you more attune to His purpose for your life!


You help others. Praying for others, especially in their presence, can be an amazing encouragement. They will know your love as well as the love of God!

Your burden is lifted. Praying about your troubles will ease your load! God is eager to take on your burden and love you the entire way!

You commune with the saints. When you pray you are joining with all Christians past and present, lifting your voices to God in perfect harmony!

And You worship. Praying to God is an act of worship. In prayer, you are praising Him for all that He has done and is yet to do. Praise God!

God has the power to transform your life from the inside out through prayer. The Bible tells us, “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results” When we pray, something always happens. Our prayer time is an opportunity to acknowledge the reality that God is responsible for the soul of another. How great that God lets us contribute. How we pray for others is less important; that we prayed is most important. God is eagerly awaiting your prayers.

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