According to science…. parents of successful kids have several things in common. Adopting some of these practices may help to ensure the growth and success of your children.

First, They make their kids do chores.

The most important thing to realize with chores is that you’re teaching your kids responsibility — not to mention that if they don’t do these things, someone else will have to.

They teach their kids social skills.


A 20-year study on kids beginning in kindergarten and following them until they were 25 years old found a huge correlation between kids learning social skills in kindergarten and going on to become successful adults versus those who did not learn the proper social skills.

The family gets along.

Kids whose parents get along tend to do better emotionally than kids who grow up in a house with parents who fight, but it’s also proven true that kids tend to do better with a single, happy parent over two parents who do not get along.

Parents teach conflict and resolution.

E. Mark Cummings, a developmental psychologist at the University of Notre Dame said, “When kids witness mild to moderate conflict that involves support, compromise, and positive emotions at home, they learn better social skills, self-esteem, and emotional security.

They emphasize Quality Time Over Quantity

A recent study found that the sheer amount of time parents spend with their kids between the ages of 3 and 11 has virtually no relationship to how children turn out, and a minimal effect on adolescents.

And finally, they Value Effort Over Focusing on Failure.

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