You’ve probably seen the dramatic video on social media of a former special forces soldier running through ISIS gunfire to rescue a little girl. Today the story about the Bible verse that emboldened such bravery.

Dave Eubank has become famous for the video and pictures of his heroic rescue earlier last month when he ran the length of a football field to save a little girl. What a man you might say…..but he gives all the credit to God.

He told CBN news, ”It was…. God’s power that helped us rescue that girl…the American air dropping smoke, the Iraqi’s providing that tank and all of ya’ll out there praying is how it happened.”


The former Special Forces soldier said God’s Word inspires him to risk his life to save others.

“I just said, ‘Lord help us’ and if I die my wife and kids would understand … it’s to save a little girl and I ran and I had to pull her away from her dead mother.”

Eubank said his strength and courage come from God’s Word, quoting “John 13:15 –‘Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay his life down for his friends.”

Eubank said God first spoke that Scripture to him when he was trying to save another child from ISIS. He said he was afraid but added “God gave me strength and almost every day that verse kept coming to me.”

He also has advice for overcoming fear. “Whenever you’re afraid, ask God ‘Should I do this?’ And, if the answer is ‘yes’ — from God, not our emotions — then ask for love because love will cast out fear.”

The little girl was hiding under her dead mother’s burka, surrounded by dozens of other victims of ISIS.

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