Still searching for a special way to honor your mom on Sunday?  We have a few suggestions for remembering her on Mother’s Day.

The suggestions come from Family Life — that listed several on their website. Here are a few….

  1. Make a one-of-a-kind booklet for Mom, filled with family photos and hand-written notes. Or, shoot a video capturing how much you appreciate Mom. You might want to film the children in various areas of the house, thanking Mom for the impact she has on their lives in particular rooms.
  2. Make a recipe book for Mom. Kids can put one together, even if they are very young and don’t know the real recipes. Adults or older children may want to add some special things to Mom’s recipe book such as her favorite sayings, Scriptures, tales from Mom’s childhood, copies of her handwritten recipes, or some family history.
  3. Give her the gift of time—a day to go antiquing, have lunch, or enjoy dessert and coffee later in the day. Reminisce about how she has contributed to your life. Younger kids in the home could give Mom a day at the spa while they clean the house.
  4. Make ceramic impressions or plaster imprints of the kids’ hands. And then, even when their grown, she can touch the shape of each finger and thumb. You might want to add a heartfelt letter expressing your love and appreciation.
  5. You may want to thank her for her Christian example. A nice touch would be framing the poem/letter with a picture of her holding you as a newborn.

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