This is no fish story, an angler in Alaska went fishing a couple of weeks ago and caught a……human.

Andy Foor was fishing the Kenai River from a dock at 5:30 in the morning when he heard screaming.

The Everett, Pennsylvania resident who is visiting Alaska for the summer said a woman, who was walking along the river bank, had slipped into the water.

She wasn’t wearing a life vest, and was yelling, “I can’t swim — I’m drowning!” all Foor could see was the top of her blonde hair and he knew she was in serious trouble.

Foor said he thought about swimming out to her but knew he wouldn’t be able to help. So he looked down at his fishing pole.

He said, “I just said a prayer, and a voice said, ‘Throw your line out into the water.’ I hollered to the girl so that I’d get her attention, and I cast.”

He had a 50-pound braided line with a hook and a sinker. He said he considered taking the hook and weight off, but the same voice that told him to cast said it would be alright.

The line reached her and she latched on, and he swung her back toward the dock downstream of where he stood. Another angler went down the steps to help her up onto the dock, where others were able to help her dry off and warm up.

The girl asked, ‘Where’s the man who threw me the line?’  When he got to her, Foor, a pastor in Pennsylvania, told her “The Father loves you and he’s right here.”  He also wanted all the credit to go to God for the rescue.

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