When you were 19, how hard would you work to get into college? We have a story today about one young man who wasn’t going to miss out over a lack of effort.

Fred Barley has proven he knows what he wants out of life and he’ll do anything to make it happen.

Officers found the teen sleeping in a tent over the weekend outside a local college. Instead of giving him a ticket for trespassing, the officers listened to his story .

Barley, a homeless college student, told the officers he had ridden his little brother’s bike six hours from Conyers to Barnesville to register for classes for his second semester of college. He had two duffel bags carrying all he owned and 2 gallons of water as he rode through the heat of a Georgia summer.

Problem is, the Gordon State College campus dorms don’t open until August, so Barley pitched a tent in some bushes on campus and prepared to spend the next few weeks there, with nothing more than a box of cereal to eat.

Barley dreams of going to medical school one day. The officers said that while they admired his effort – they couldn’t let him stay.  Instead, they took him to a local motel and paid for his next two nights there.

A wife of one of the officers told Barley’s story on Facebook and hundreds pitched in to help raising $9000 dollars through a GoFundMe account.

Barley says that’s great but it’s the people he’s met through this that mean the most and he thanks God for keeping him going.

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