No matter where your marriage is, it can always become stronger. Pastor David Jeremiah has some ideas for those who want to shake things up a bit.


Dr. Jeremiah offers 15 ideas in an article on Here a just a few.

  1. Be romantic. Great romance doesn’t just happen, it’s planned.
  2. Compliment each other. Decide to compliment your spouse on at least one thing every day. Be sure to refrain from back-handed compliments.
  3. Date your spouse. Don’t lose that “lovin’ feeling” you had when you first started dating. Commit to regular, scheduled date nights, and take turns choosing the agenda.
  4. Share your time. This is your life, right now. Don’t get so busy that you forget to slow down and enjoy lifeā€”and to enjoy it with your spouse.
  5. Be spontaneous. Do something out of the ordinary for your spouse once a week. Draw closer to one another in the midst of the unfamiliar.
  6. Make communication a priority. Learn your mate’s communication style. Pay attention and actively listen to what your spouse has to say: nod, reply, and make eye contact.
  7. Listen. Devote your full attention to what your spouse is saying rather than using the time to prepare your own response.
  8. Support change. You and your spouse will change over the course of your marriage and it’s important to accept those changes. If you need more support, ask!
  9. Serve your spouse. If you are both putting the other first, your needs will never go unmet. Start serving today!

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