Many say that former first lady Nancy Reagan revolutionized the role….but there’s something else about her legacy that should be remembered….her solid marriage to Ronald Reagan.

Dave Willis, an associate pastor at Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, Georgia, recently wrote in Time about the seven marriage lessons the Reagan’s 50 years of marriage taught us.

They were best friends. Their son Ron said, “Their happiest moments weren’t in the spotlight. They were happiest when they were eating a TV dinner on the couch and watching a movie together just laughing and enjoying each other’s company

They always had each other’s back. They always defended and protected each other. They were unified. They were a team.

They respected each other’s opinions. They always bounced ideas off each other, challenged each other, and valued each other’s perspective.

They supported each other’s dreams. Most agree that Ronald never would have made it to the White House had it not been for the support and encouragement of Nancy.

They shared each other’s struggles. They found that they could overcome any obstacle if they were unified.

They had FUN.  They tried to make every season of life a new adventure.

And They never gave up on each other. Their love and commitment to each other was bigger than anything life threw their way.

Willis concludes: No marriage is perfect, and no couple is perfect, but I believe that Ronald and Nancy Reagan modeled a marriage that is worthy of emulation.

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