This special ‘Best Of’ program originally aired on 11/18…

Jesus said in order to enter the kingdom of heaven we have to be like little children. Some theologians think having an unconditional love was one of the qualities he was talking about… a story that exemplifies that love.

At only 4-years-old, Lola Kirkpatrick is blowing away the people who put together the Metro section of Women’s Day online with her selfless nature and unconditional love. Most kids her age choose to spend the little money they have on sweets or toys, but when this little girl noticed a man sitting on the cold, wet ground, she asked her mom why he would do such a thing.

Rhoda, Lola’s mother, explained to her daughter that sadly the shivering man had nowhere to go, as he was homeless. Determined to help the poor guy, Lola marched to her nearest bakery and used all the money she had to buy the stranger a sausage roll. And not just any sausage roll, “a warm one to warm his belly—because it’s rainy and cold today,” she told her mother.

As the generous girl approached the homeless man, she became a tad bit shy. Too nervous to speak, her mom explained to the man why her daughter was giving him a bite to eat.

Rhoda told writers for the Metro section of Women’s Day, “I saw the tears in his eyes, and as he repeatedly said thank you, I knew it was something he wouldn’t forget. I know I won’t. I’ve never been prouder of her.”

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