Two stories on today’s program: a Christian group is bringing hope to the deaf in the Middle East, and a secular group is hoping Americans will turn a deaf ear to faith on the football field.

The Deaf Bible Society has started a movement to bring the story of Jesus in sign language to the deaf community in the Middle East. It’s a first, and the DBS hopes it’s an effective way to combat the Islamic State who seeks to exploit by recruiting the overlooked deaf population and offering promises of “false hope”. There is not one sign language available in the Middle East that has Bible content available to let those in the region who are deaf know that there is hope that can be found in Jesus Christ — something the DBS hopes to change.

Meanwhile domestically, the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation wants to silence football chaplains that it says are promoting Evangelical Christianity. Earlier this month FFRF condemned more than 25 public universities for having chaplains that are Christians. They’re upset because the chaplains regularly lead the teams in prayer and conduct chapel services. FFRF prefers a “counselor”, who can promote leftist ideals and offer secular advice.

To counter the attack, the American Center for Law and Justice is preparing comprehensive legal letters to inform each of the college football programs under attack of their Constitutional rights. The ACLJ has also started a petition to defend religious freedom at American colleges and universities.

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